The Syrian Civil War, erupted in the spring of 2011, has taken thousands of lives and has had enormous devastating effect on infrastructure and economy. The conflict destroyed the security, health and education systems, leaving no choice for Syrians but to leave their homes. There are now eight million displaced people within Syria, while about four million have fled from Syria to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. This will have a long-term consequence for the future reconstruction of Syria, as these people now lack any meaningful opportunity to continue their education.

SPARK established its presence in Syria since 2013 but currently does not operate there. It was in response to dire need emanating from the growing refugee crisis and plan for the region’s early economic recovery. Our programmes focused on supporting early economic recovery planning in Syria as well as empowering refugees to prepare for the reconstruction phase through access to higher education and encouraging them to engage in entrepreneurial activity, especially supporting them to develop their (M)SMEs.

Due to the conflict and rapidly changing conditions inside Syria, we suspended our programmes until further information.

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