Spark established its presence in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-) in 2014 to further develop entrepreneurship and higher education in the region. One of the projects Spark is working on is the ‘Migrant Entrepreneurship Program’ which supports the returning Kurds setting up their business businesses in KR-I. Spark provides technical and financial support to the entrepreneurs. This could include offering training and coaching packages and financial support.

Additionally, Spark has also organized many activities in collaboration with the Dutch Consulate in Erbil and Holland House association. Holland House, which is supported by Spark, is a platform for the Dutch speakers to share their knowledge, information and experiences.
In cooperation with the ministry of Higher Education and various university in KR-I, Spark has made possible access to university for 300 Syrian students. Moreover, the plans are in the making to provide short courses for 600 other Syrian students in 2016.

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