Institute Of Agriculture Technology (IAT)

The institute aims to increase food security by improving agricultural production methods inside Syria. It also lays the basis for the future rehabilitation of formal university level Agricultural education. The project was developed in cooperation with International Agriculture Coordination Office (IACO)/SIG Ministry of Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Water Resources; local councils and local Agro directorates in Syria. The curriculum was developed by the international workshop held in GAPTEM (a facility affiliated with Southeast Anatolia Agricultural Development Project, GAP). Experts from Wageningen University, GAP, SPARK IBCM, GIZ and others have provided input into the curriculum.

The curriculum covers:
• Plant Protection & Production
• Seeds Multiplication
• Integrated Pest Management
• Modern Irrigation
• Integrated Agricultural Systems

The project first launched in Atareb, Aleppo and its success lead to its rapid expansion in Daraa, Homs, and Idlib provinces. Currently, 400 plus students are enrolled.

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