Conflict Sensitive Project Cycle Management Summer Course

SPARK collaborated successfully with University of Gaziantep for the development and implementation of the vocational Conflict Sensitive Project Cycle Management Course. The aim of the course was to give Syrians (both junior and experienced trainees) valuable skills that are needed in the Syrian crisis response and to strengthen the students’ planning and management capacity. The objective was to increase the number of skilled Syrian practitioners capable of responding to emergency reconstruction, development, and recovery needs of Syria’s devastated centralized economic sectors. The course developed the managerial and technical skills of trainees and provided the basic tools necessary to design and implement early reconstruction projects. Over the summer 38 Syrian students successfully completed the course at the University of Gaziantep. Throughout the intensive 10 weeks course Syrian students learned about the different phases of project cycle management within the context of the Syrian crisis. The following are the topics taught by Syrian practitioners and Turkish academics from the University of Gaziantep:
• Early Recovery & Rapid Rural Appraisal
• Problem Analysis in Intervention
• Situation Analysis & Budget
• Project Planning, Implementation, & Monitoring and Evaluation
The programme also supported English language needs of Syrians through an English/Arabic blended programme. This approach was supplemented by Business English language courses customised for conflict sensitive project cycle management. At the end of the course, the students successfully worked together in groups to develop a complete project proposal for different humanitarian projects in Syria. They presented their proposals to several teachers and a jury appointed by SPARK, and were awarded with certificates.

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