For higher education scholarships in the Middle East, SPARK has partnered with Al Fakhoora.

Al Fakhoora is a programme of Education Above All Foundation that works to promote the right to education in conflict and post-conflict states, by unlocking a new generation of marginalised youth to become educated, professionally skilled and inspirational leaders of the future who can guide their families and communities toward cohesion and prosperity.

Since 2009, Al Fakhoora worked to empower young Palestinians living in Gaza by providing education programmes to those whose opportunities to learn would otherwise have been curtailed. Building on the success in Gaza, Al Fakhoora has entered into next phase and launched the global model of the Dynamic Futures Scholarship and Empowerment programme partnering with SPARK.

The programme expansion included Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The premise of the scholarship programme is to further the basic rights of Syrian refugees and Palestinian youth affected by the current crisis and occupation to enable them to enjoy access to higher education and empowerment opportunities.

The Global Dynamic Futures Scholarship and Empowerment programme is an international, multi-stage human and monetary investment in the future, which is not only presented through scholarships for higher education, but also with the aim of fostering civic leadership within the Syrian refugee community and Palestinian youth. This is a comprehensive programme, designed to equip young people with the life skills needed to actively give back to their communities, and build hope and resiliency.

Higher Education for Syrian Programme is supported by: