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There are more than 600.000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, of which less than 5% now have access to higher education. The local capacity to deliver quality higher education to these people is insufficient due to economic constraints and the constant increase of refugee population. Often, young people face challenges to adapt to local culture and job market due to lack of higher education.

To respond to growing demand of higher education for Syrian refugees in Jordan, SPARK started working with Luminus Education, a leading education provider in the field of technical and vocational training in Jordan.
Luminus Education has adopted an innovative strategy to enhance the delivery of quality education services and address the mismatch between the skill sets of Arab youth and the needs of labor market; in line with the recommendations of the IFC’s e4e Initiative for Arab Youth. Luminus Education enables solutions through employment-focused education and is spearheading this approach in the region.

Moreover, SPARK established partnerships with Al Quds College, a subsidiary of Luminus Education, which was founded 34 years ago and is Jordan’s leading Community College, offering diploma programmes in various technical and vocational fields. Since 2014, Al Quds College has been directly involved also in serving Syrian refugees.
These programs are accredited locally by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and BAU and internationally by Pearson/Edexcel, City & Guilds, Institute of Leadership and Management “ILM”. AQC is also licensed by the International Youth Foundation to deliver the Passport to Success life skills programs.

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